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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mid-week Update

Yesterday, I began my long-anticipated entry into grad school. According to the original plan (you know, the UTSA one), by this point, I would have been nearly half-way through my program. However, it would have required an ungodly amounts of both money and time (most of which of the latter would have been spent driving to & fro the 1604 campus; no thank you). While the TAMUK route may take a tad longer, so far (yeah, after a day-and-a-half), I'm enjoying it and look forward to seeing just how much can be done without ever actually setting foot inside of a classroom.

Elsewhere, tri training continues on somewhat of a predictable schedule:
  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: lift + run with Marzipan (AM) & ride (PM)
  • Wednesday: swim (AM) & track (PM)
  • Thursday: spin (AM) & lift (PM)
  • Friday: ride (AM) & swim (PM)
  • Saturday: brick @ Boerne Lake
  • Sunday: alternate weeks of (long) ride or run
When I'm not doing any of the above, I'll be parked in front of the computer, reading or doing something else school related. Of course, I still tend to the house stuff, too. Speaking of, I need to go ready the pesto for tonight's dinner. Hope you've no aversion to garlic.

Thanks for reading.