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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Born Again?

I was ready to up & quit today.

Because Tri101 was canceled, I've been busting my bum the past few months to ready myself for the White Rock Marathon on December 9th. As a result, my swim & bike became virtually non-existent, save the occasional commute to work, and I literally could not tell morning from night when out for a run. This, joined with a nagging leg injury (got an appointment with a PT Friday next to try & remedy that -- just in time for the marathon!), had me in something resembling a pissy mood toward endurance sport training, be it marathon and even triathlon. I had doubts of formally setting my sights on Arizona in 2009.

Had doubts.

After a conversation with a fellow runner at school this morning, I got to thinking about things. Yeah, I'm fast. Not as fast as I could be, but I'm no pro (tri)athlete with an unlimited budget of resources. I'm just me: a high school English teacher with no one to answer to other than myself. While it does hurt the pocketbook when paying for stuff (race fees, bike parts, technical clothing -- and the list goes on), it is quite liberating when it comes to accounting for race results.

I skipped last night's scheduled 14-mile run due to the aforementioned nagging leg injury and a general will to not want to run for two hours in the dark. I did, however, make it out tonight for a light, 6-mile trek up & down the Parkway. While on this trek, I again became energized on making a good run at White Rock next weekend, even if I will have to drive back from Dallas by myself (N--- has been summoned to another training the following week; she flies out of Dallas that afternoon; merd). As for IMAZ, it's still up in the air. I've some time before registration opens, plus by not taking the crash-course method to training that has been so common to my marathon training these past two years, I think I can avoid the burnout. Then again, I'm also counting on some mad encouragement from my buddy D---, himself an Ironman.

For now, though, I'm going to take the snoozing kitty atop my lap into the bedroom, cuddle up and go to sleep. Thanks for reading, faithful readers -- and yes, I now know there are more than one of you. And so, a parting note: Like you, dear readers, I've encountered innumerable people in life, and some have been exceedingly dishonest. Unless mentioning someone by some semblance of a name (N---, D---, etc.), don't presume I'm talking about you.

Whatever your reason for reading, thanks for doing so.

Monday, November 19, 2007

@$#*% Weather

I'm not completely sure what to say here, other than that I felt strongly inclined to post something.

Training for White Rock, for all intents & purposes, is going swell. The long runs I've had the past two weekends all went extremely well (due, in large part, to the uber-supportive efforts of N---), as have the weekday runs; my track workout last Thursday felt great in spite of the monotony of running nine miles on a track. And then the weekend and its @$#*% weather arrived.

Saturday wasn't quite so bad, with slightly damp streets and an overcast sky. I sat down to begin CMC and wound up not moving for the duration of the day. Good news: I made it a little over 1/3 of the way through the reading & annotation of said book.

Sunday morning sucked even worse, as the streets were very wet, and the threat of rain hung in the air like the stench of a really wretched fart. (yeah, it seems I'm stretching in my figurative language, but, work with me here) Were it not for the breath of fresh air that is N---, the day would have been a total loss. She & I did some shopping for baking ingredients for Thursday's feast and then made it out for a few miles on the Parkway (despite my protests for an alternate route). Afterwards, it was more reading & annotating before an evening of Battlestar Galactica (newer series -- I'm really enjoying the parallels with a post September 11 world; too bad the ones who really need to see & understand it have probably never heard of it because it airs on Sci-Fi, not Fox) and eating sushi. Great way to spend the one year mark with the woman I love.

Despite the warm fuzzies brought on by having had N--- as part of my life the past year, this morning started out not so well: fog. Lots of it. It's still here, as a matter of fact, though not quite in the pea soup flavor of similes past; that was this morning. All that means for me is more reading & annotating of CMC (yea!) and no 23-mile run. I'm half-tempted to check the gym schedule for spin classes and some treadmill/pool time, but that would require packing a bag, a couple of changes of clothes, and a lot more effort than I am willing to invest at the moment. Methinks I'll just curl up with CMC and do some of that reading/annotating.

Thank you for reading. Annotating, of course, was optional. Should I not make it back here by Thursday, have a happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thor's Day

And, indeed, did the hammer fall.

I picked up my commuter bike from Bike Heaven last night, and it turned out far better than I had hoped. True, the walk-out price exceeded what I had hoped, let alone budgeted, for, but its maiden voyage this morning made up for it. I'll post pics up here when I get around to it.

After work, I had a six mile hill run on the schedule, so I headed out on the Parkway for my usual 6.25 mile excursion. By the time I crossed Savannah (roughly two-mile mark), I had a good idea I was going to beat last week's time. I had no clue I would beat it by nearly a minute: 42:39 was the final time, which betters last week's mark by 58 seconds; my average pace was 6:49/mi. Rock, rock on.

Despite my still-going-strong endorphin high, I do find myself pretty exhausted from the day, from the week, so I'm going to wrap this up and do up tomorrow's PowerPoop presentation before turning in. Breakfast is still at 5:30, and I find myself tempted to ride the bike over to the usual spot in the AM, as it's now equipped with lights & shiznit. Guess the boss was right: I am an exercise junkie. Just try to get an apology out of me for that, too.

Run hard. Pedal harder. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rest for the Weary

Since healing from my track-induced glute injury, I've missed a singular workout. That was last Thursday, when, after riding home from work, I realized I was a little tired and needed a power nap before going on the day's scheduled 8-mile hill workout. I lied down around 5:30 in the evening and didn't arise from slumber until 5:00 the next morning. Guess I was more than a little tired.

After two days' rest, I am back on track. A relaxed-pace 10-mile jaunt with N--- yesterday morning was incredible, as the air was cool and my body felt grateful for the extra rest day during the week. Chores & such occupied the rest of my day, but I did manage to get to bed at a decent hour. The time change helped, too, and I was off & running by 7:00 this morning, this time at a little quicker clip, and with twice the distance to cover.

Living where I do is nice. I have innumerable routes I can run or bike, right out of my front door, with little-to-no traffic, and over varying terrain. Today was rolling-to-hilly, once I got off 78...five or so miles in. Despite my having the accursed iPod strapped to my arm (I ditched it at 17 miles, courtesy of N--- and the best darned support one could hope for), I did find myself lost in thought, especially over what happened yesterday in New York. Even though I wouldn't have known Ryan Shay from anyone, I do feel a deep loss for not only the running community, but also -- and especially -- for his wife. That she has such a close group of friend and fellow runners comes as small consolation; I pray she makes it through this peacefully.

On such a somber note, I believe I will sign off. Thanks for reading.