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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Born Again?

I was ready to up & quit today.

Because Tri101 was canceled, I've been busting my bum the past few months to ready myself for the White Rock Marathon on December 9th. As a result, my swim & bike became virtually non-existent, save the occasional commute to work, and I literally could not tell morning from night when out for a run. This, joined with a nagging leg injury (got an appointment with a PT Friday next to try & remedy that -- just in time for the marathon!), had me in something resembling a pissy mood toward endurance sport training, be it marathon and even triathlon. I had doubts of formally setting my sights on Arizona in 2009.

Had doubts.

After a conversation with a fellow runner at school this morning, I got to thinking about things. Yeah, I'm fast. Not as fast as I could be, but I'm no pro (tri)athlete with an unlimited budget of resources. I'm just me: a high school English teacher with no one to answer to other than myself. While it does hurt the pocketbook when paying for stuff (race fees, bike parts, technical clothing -- and the list goes on), it is quite liberating when it comes to accounting for race results.

I skipped last night's scheduled 14-mile run due to the aforementioned nagging leg injury and a general will to not want to run for two hours in the dark. I did, however, make it out tonight for a light, 6-mile trek up & down the Parkway. While on this trek, I again became energized on making a good run at White Rock next weekend, even if I will have to drive back from Dallas by myself (N--- has been summoned to another training the following week; she flies out of Dallas that afternoon; merd). As for IMAZ, it's still up in the air. I've some time before registration opens, plus by not taking the crash-course method to training that has been so common to my marathon training these past two years, I think I can avoid the burnout. Then again, I'm also counting on some mad encouragement from my buddy D---, himself an Ironman.

For now, though, I'm going to take the snoozing kitty atop my lap into the bedroom, cuddle up and go to sleep. Thanks for reading, faithful readers -- and yes, I now know there are more than one of you. And so, a parting note: Like you, dear readers, I've encountered innumerable people in life, and some have been exceedingly dishonest. Unless mentioning someone by some semblance of a name (N---, D---, etc.), don't presume I'm talking about you.

Whatever your reason for reading, thanks for doing so.

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Anonymous said...

So, "N-" is a merd?! You better hope that "N-" doesn't find out what you are saying about her...