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Monday, November 19, 2007

@$#*% Weather

I'm not completely sure what to say here, other than that I felt strongly inclined to post something.

Training for White Rock, for all intents & purposes, is going swell. The long runs I've had the past two weekends all went extremely well (due, in large part, to the uber-supportive efforts of N---), as have the weekday runs; my track workout last Thursday felt great in spite of the monotony of running nine miles on a track. And then the weekend and its @$#*% weather arrived.

Saturday wasn't quite so bad, with slightly damp streets and an overcast sky. I sat down to begin CMC and wound up not moving for the duration of the day. Good news: I made it a little over 1/3 of the way through the reading & annotation of said book.

Sunday morning sucked even worse, as the streets were very wet, and the threat of rain hung in the air like the stench of a really wretched fart. (yeah, it seems I'm stretching in my figurative language, but, work with me here) Were it not for the breath of fresh air that is N---, the day would have been a total loss. She & I did some shopping for baking ingredients for Thursday's feast and then made it out for a few miles on the Parkway (despite my protests for an alternate route). Afterwards, it was more reading & annotating before an evening of Battlestar Galactica (newer series -- I'm really enjoying the parallels with a post September 11 world; too bad the ones who really need to see & understand it have probably never heard of it because it airs on Sci-Fi, not Fox) and eating sushi. Great way to spend the one year mark with the woman I love.

Despite the warm fuzzies brought on by having had N--- as part of my life the past year, this morning started out not so well: fog. Lots of it. It's still here, as a matter of fact, though not quite in the pea soup flavor of similes past; that was this morning. All that means for me is more reading & annotating of CMC (yea!) and no 23-mile run. I'm half-tempted to check the gym schedule for spin classes and some treadmill/pool time, but that would require packing a bag, a couple of changes of clothes, and a lot more effort than I am willing to invest at the moment. Methinks I'll just curl up with CMC and do some of that reading/annotating.

Thank you for reading. Annotating, of course, was optional. Should I not make it back here by Thursday, have a happy Thanksgiving.

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