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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thor's Day

And, indeed, did the hammer fall.

I picked up my commuter bike from Bike Heaven last night, and it turned out far better than I had hoped. True, the walk-out price exceeded what I had hoped, let alone budgeted, for, but its maiden voyage this morning made up for it. I'll post pics up here when I get around to it.

After work, I had a six mile hill run on the schedule, so I headed out on the Parkway for my usual 6.25 mile excursion. By the time I crossed Savannah (roughly two-mile mark), I had a good idea I was going to beat last week's time. I had no clue I would beat it by nearly a minute: 42:39 was the final time, which betters last week's mark by 58 seconds; my average pace was 6:49/mi. Rock, rock on.

Despite my still-going-strong endorphin high, I do find myself pretty exhausted from the day, from the week, so I'm going to wrap this up and do up tomorrow's PowerPoop presentation before turning in. Breakfast is still at 5:30, and I find myself tempted to ride the bike over to the usual spot in the AM, as it's now equipped with lights & shiznit. Guess the boss was right: I am an exercise junkie. Just try to get an apology out of me for that, too.

Run hard. Pedal harder. Thanks for reading.

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