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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here, Chicky, Chicky, Chicky...

Cripes, where does the time go? I've been meaning to sit down in front of this flippin' machine and type this post out since Saturday but have not had the time until today, Tuesday. Here's a quick recap on how things are going:
  • Hit the pool hard almost daily last week
    • Lots drills with fins & paddles
    • Lots o'laps freestyle
    • New (Swedish) goggles are working out fantastically, and with minimal ring-around-the-eyeballs
    • 1500m time down to 33'16" on Sunday; 33'30" today -- more than a 3-minute improvement in <>
  • Weights are going great...almost back to my pre-crash chest press weight stack...which wasn't really all that impressive, but it's certainly better than the 35 pounds I was maxxing at a month ago
  • Laid off the bike over the weekend due to general tiredness/laziness (was up late both nights, including a date on Saturday!) and not wanting to peak too soon
  • Been running a fair amount, including:
    • 12-miles on Sunday morning with no pain in the knee
    • Track workout tonight with RGR; again, no pain in the knee
So, my knee has been cooperating, but I still went to see Doc Jacobs this after for his opinion. His opinion is that I might have a torn meniscus. To confirm, I'm scheduled for an MRI on Saturday morning, meaning no riding for me Saturday. Sunday's outing has the potential to be painful, simply because I didn't ride last weekend and everybody else did...on Skyline. Geez, I've been back riding now for close to six years and still haven't done that flippin' road. Then again, at a 23% grade in one spot, it might be good that I didn't. Ah, who I am kidding? It's all for fitness & training, so it has to be good. I'll tell you what else is good, too: sleep

Yes, as overrated as it generally is, last night's 8+ hours of shuteye did me lots of good...or, at least I felt like it did. Perhaps I'll go get some more just to be sure. Thanks for reading.//d

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