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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trainer Workout

With the weather as iffy as it was this morning, I opted out of the scheduled bike ride and hopped on the trainer, instead. While not my preferred method of getting in bike time, it did let me spin on the TT bike (was going to take out the Cdale road bike, as the Slice's rear bottle cage mount is out of commission) for a couple of hours, instead. I have to say, today's workout was a real challenge. Here's what I did:
  • 15 minutes easy
  • 15 minutes leg drills (1-minute left, 1-minute right, 1-minute both; repeat)
  • 20 minutes tempo
  • 20-minute TT (all-out effort)
  • 10 minutes easy
  • 15 minutes tempo
  • 15 minutes easy
Special thanks to the fine folks at Cycle Ops for posting some of Linsey Corbin's trainer workouts; they're a real life saver on days like today.

Nap time before this evening's swim. Good luck catching a siesta wherever you are. Thanks for reading.

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