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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayers for Rain

Last night was a restless night for me.

Over dinner, which was consumed far later than usual, I felt the urge to write for the next round of the research paper due this weekend for my graduate course. Yet, by the time I could sit down in front of a computer, whatever inspiration my have been there had left the building; I didn't write Jack and just stared at the monitors for nearly two hours.

The next six saw me fall in and out of sleep. The feeling with which I awoke is the same as when rain is coming: It can be seen on the horizon. The atmospheric pressure weighs on you, yet the rain won't come. And all that is desired is for it to storm so hard, even Lear would be frightened.

According to Weather.com, that relief is to come around nine this morning. Whether or not inspiration will strike me, like the proverbial bolt from the blue, is not even on the radar. Keep your fingers crossed that it does. I really need to redeem myself after that atrocity I submitted for the first assignment.

Thanks for reading.

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