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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wiped Out

I can't feel my legs. Rather, I wish I couldn't feel my legs, because they hurt...bad.

Tuesday, for reasons I'm not entirely clear on, is intended to be my "hard" day. By that, I do all three disciplines (swim/bike/run) to a relatively high degree of difficulty in order to really challenge myself. Today was particularly trying, given that I'm not swimming at the crack of dawn anymore (ah, summer!), but competition for lanes at Gold's is a bit fiercer in the later part of the morning; everyone trying to get their laps in before the utterly ridiculous water aerobics classes start up. All the same, I did get a couple of thousand meters in, mostly in the form of kick & paddle drills; I only did about 800m free (300 warmup, 500 cooldown). In doing so, I was humiliated by the portly bloke in the next lane who seemed to swim so effortlessly. But one of these days, I'll hit super lotto and can hire a real swim coach...or maybe join SA Masters or something.

Right, back to the day.

I returned home to mow/trim the yard, which I followed up with a nap, in preparation for the evening's activities: Tuesday night ride with the gang from Greenvalley Elementary and a long run.

En-route to the ride, I rode over to Steele HS, where I'll be teaching next year, in order to time myself. Distance clocked in at 4.1 miles, taking me 11'58", door-to-door, running at a moderate effort. If I give myself 15-20 minutes for transportation & such, I'm good. Even at 2o minutes, it's still half the time it took for me to drive to HMS...and will save me billions on gas. Well, maybe not billions, but certainly a couple of c-notes each month.

Upon leaving Steele, I high-tailed it over to GVE to meet up with everyone -- and I do mean that. The first couple of rides of the season were limited to just three or four of us, but we're up to about 10 - 12 regulars each week now. B--- & I were both on TT bikes tonight, as was B---'s neighbor, J---. J--- is just returning from a near-decade off from triathlon and showed up on his new steed, a Cervelo P2-SL, a totally sweet bike.

We all gave it a fairly hard effort tonight, and it showed. By the time I hit the run, I was fairly well spent, but was able to crank out 10 miles at a decent pace. As on the bike, I was pretty parched (temperature exceded 100° again today). I'll need to remember that for Buffalo Springs in a couple of weeks.

And, that was my day. It's ended with this entry and chatting with I--- on the phone. On-tap for tomorrow is a casual ride with the Trailblazers in the morning and then another pool workout in the afternoon or evening...maybe weights, too. Thursday is what I'm anxious for, though -- swim workout at Boerne Lake! Despite my initial hesistency towards open water, I certainly prefer it to lap after mind-numbing lap in the pool.

Okay, it's past midnight now (woohoo! survived 06-06-06 without any troubles, including religious fanatics or non-religious lunies waving anything in my face), and I'm beginning to get tired. WHC is a little over eight hours away, so that gives me some time for Icy-Hot, cuddle time with Crookshanks, and one more call to I--- -- she got to go get ice cream. Hmmph.

Sorry for the high school style journal entry tonight, but it was what I was in the mindset for. Regardless, thanks for reading.//d

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