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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home from the Holiday

Just a quick post to let all my avid reader know that I successfully returned from California, unscathed, untamed...just in case she didn't know that already, seeing as how we were on the return flight together after spending the previous six days soaking up the sun, enjoying August without triple-digit temperatures.

And, now that I am home, with my bikes, the weather, as if on cue, is scheduled to turn to <expletive>. I simply cannot win. Of course, it is just a forecast and is about as reliable and true-to-its-word as my ex, so, for all I know, come Saturday, I could be fully immersed in 100+ degree sunshine, pedaling my bicycle along, stupid grin on my face, all the better with which to catch the hordes of bugs infesting the countryside. Gosh, it's good to be home.

Speaking of, I am, and need to go in order to get things squared away after nearly a week. More to come on the goings on & my adventures in the Land of Fruits & Nuts. Thanks for reading.//d

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