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Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Fiesta

Today was the Fiesta Wildflower bike ride. This would have been my second century in three weeks, but, alas, it was not to be. By mile 60, my body was trashed.

Yesterday, N & I had 90-minute massages in order to relax, as well as get some knots & such worked out of our respective bodies. Unfortunately, the massages were late in the afternoon and did not permit what I felt to be sufficient recovery time before this morning's ride.

What was fortunate is that the ride went along familiar routes, not too far from home. When I knew, for certain, that I would not be able to finish the remaining 65 miles of the ride, the calvary was called, and N & Marzipan met me at a petrol station ten miles from home. That's how spent I was: Unable to pedal ten piddly miles.

Ten miles and one shower later, I was in bed and fast asleep. Narco Kitty did her thing extremely well.

While today was no party, ride-wise, it did provide some valuable insight for training.
  1. No deep tissue massages within 24 hours of a main event.
  2. Stretch the night before and the morning of an event.
  3. Heart rate monitors aren't the be all & end all for monitoring performance. If you'd like to buy mine, it's posted in the Slowtwitch classifieds.
  4. Always have an escape plan.
  5. Any day where you can learn something from your training, regardless of what the training involves, is a good one.
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