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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Good evening, John.

At this point, neither are acceptable options; the UPS depot is 20+ miles in the opposite direction of where we headed for the race. Fortunately, my parents are making a trip to The Woodlands on Friday and will be able to pick up the parcel from my house, so long as it is delivered tomorrow, Thursday, May 19. Since I will not receive the parcel until Friday, long after any real warm-ups or trials can be performed, I am leery to race with it on Saturday. I hope you can understand.

John, I really do appreciate that Jek Sports was able to comp the MS Society for this kit and work to get it to me in what may seem like a timely fashion. Yet, I am also sorely disappointed in the length of time it has taken for delivery. A confirmation was made a week ago that the kit would be shipped, without fail, this past Monday, for delivery on Wednesday; even that was pushing it, especially since discussions began nearly two months ago. It is realized that production does take time. Additionally, some time was lost in getting a design approved, which was beyond the control of Jek Sports. However, if there was even an inkling of a notion that the kit was not able to be delivered before an acceptable date (I believe early May, in order to allow for sufficient trial, was mentioned), it would have been really nice to have had this communicated more than 52 hours before the race; 12 hours before I am to depart.

With all of this said, I do thank you for the work Jek Sports does in assisting the MS Society and its Bike MS participants in looking sharp in cycling jerseys. I just can't promise that I will be able to toe the line at Ironman Texas in a Jek Sports kit, much as I, and my wife who has MS, was looking forward to it.


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