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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Thereat once more he moved about, and clomb
Ev'n to the highest he could climb, and saw,
Straining his eye beneath an arch of hand,
Or thought he saw, the speck that bare the King,
Down that long water opening on the deep
Somewhere far off, pass on and on, and go
From less to less and vanish into light.
And the new sun rose bringing the new year.

from Idylls of the King: The Passing of Arthur
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Granted, the new year is now a dozen days done, but the quote from Tennyson is one of hope, and it is with hope that 2014 is entered.

The previous year was not a very good one. Problems at home and abroad kept me from enjoying very much of anything until the year had all but expired. All was not dark throughout 2013, but if ever there was a year where a mulligan was to be taken, this was the year. So much could have been done differently with no less results that it seems worth a shot. Alas, no such thing is to happen, so losses are cut and onward I tread: Fitness lost, weight gained, but family & sanity both in tact.

Sundry experts have spouted that the making of new year's resolutions is not a healthy endeavor. However, I have made a few, including the resurrection of this blog if, for nothing more than to get me writing again, for it is yet one more thing I have fallen out of the habit of doing, and I aim to do better. At this. At being active. At being a better husband, father, son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend.

Words now fail me, likely having headed for the haven of a bed with the promise of sleep. Not for too long, for the alarm will rouse me in six or so hours' time, but long enough, I hope, to recharge and be ready for the rising of a new sun on a new day in a new(ish) year. 

Thanks for reading.

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