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Thursday, June 19, 2014


My first race in three years is less than forty-eight hours away, and I am tapered.

This week started out quite horribly, unable to sleep Sunday night after an intense night running 800s on the track. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were borderline pathetic, with virtually no energy to spare into anything; actually, Wednesday wasn't bad. But, I managed to get in 20-ish minutes of yoga Wednesday night and awoke today feeling very refreshed.

A short swim in New Braunfels, followed by 25 minutes hard & 20 minutes easy of spin in Schertz constituted bonafide workouts to now. I'd like to get in a few mile repeats on the track later, but I'm not sure if that will happen. The house is in desperate need of cleaning; packet pickup is in roughly two hours; The Boy needs to be picked up inside of four hours. Given travel time to/from packet pickup, I just don't see it becoming reality. But that could just be me being pessimistic. Then again, I am just sitting here, typing a blog entry, rather than cleaning. My past accomplishments today of swim, spin, and/or lawn mowing won't get the house cleaned, just as my past accomplishments in triathlon won't get me across the finish line on Saturday—certainly not accomplishments from three years ago.

So, effort has been exerted, and I now find myself tapering from that effort, relaxed & ready to race. But first, the house needs to get cleaned. 

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