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Monday, November 28, 2005


Ah, rest day.

It's one of the very few reasons I can think of for looking forward to Mondays, especially one where I come off from a week of holiday, but the day has really been anything but restful.

Where I spoke yesterday about having completed all of my duties for the bike club, I had forgotten about the last Board meeting; Board meetins are held the last Monday of each month at a chain French restaurant whose saving grace is a ridiculously rich tomato soup, coupled with a vegetable sandwich. I skipped the sandwich tonight in favor of a pasta salad, which was not the wisest of moves; too much olive oil in the salad, I think. Back to the meeting:

I arrived late (whomever said being a teacher was great because you're done with work at 3:30 obviously never spent any time as a teacher, or at least never had to plan for a sub), had my soup & salad and turned over the files and other necessary evils to the new editor-to-be. I could have left then but thought I would stick around to hear what was being discussed and maybe even contribute a thought or two. My only contributions were a cynical response to complaints about coming changes to the newsletter format ("...and if you don't like it, you should have stepped up to be editor, yourself," I believe was how I voiced it) and the "aye" to agreeing to adjourn when everyone had spoken their piece. An hour later, I'm at home, typing away to heaven knows whom and listening to Disintegration. My rest day is finally restful.

Tomorrow starts another busy week of workouts. Mercifully, I'll not have kids to contend with during the day, but I do miss not being in the classroom, where I have a captive audience to listen to interjections on how multisport is so much better than other sports. Then again, I still have you.

I'm off to play Tetris for an hour or two before bedtime. Thanks for reading (as Tyler used to say), and good night.//d

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