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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Battlin' It Out

It was a flippin' track workout tonight, which was kind of a downer to an otherwise stellar day. Still, I can't complain (much) about getting free coaching for improving my run, and, in spite of my continued ill feelings towards them (the monotony more than anything), track workouts are an effective way of getting in a good workout in in a short amount of time.

This morning's swim went well (1500m in 39'00", which is 2'06" better than the HOT Championships...granted, the HOT tri was open water, and in strong currents to boot, but I didn't have to worry about turning around every 25m, either; those seconds do add up), once I got over my upset tummy, but I'm glad it wasn't a race environment. Mental note: ask Gold's to clean their @(%*& pool...soon. Tomorrow is yoga & weights at the gym, with a cool-down swim, time & clean pool permitting.

By the time I made it home, I was beat. That was about an hour ago, which gave me just enough time to shower, shave (legs), and flip through the mail before plopping down here to write my musings on the day. The mail, however, actually contained something other than a bill today: the new issue of Runner Triathlete News. In it was an advertisement for an Olympic-distance race on 04/22 dubbed "The Battle of San Jacinto." It's two weeks after my half, which, I believe, would be an ideal taper race for Gulfman, while still keeping me sharp for the Capital of Texas race on Memorial Day. In any event, I'm going to need to put a little more effort into securing sponsorships. Perhaps I can pick up some tips at one of the club holiday parties on tap for this weekend. But first, sleep. And before that, Harry Potter.

At some point, I'll actually come up with something coherent to write in these little babble sessions of mine, but until then, perservere; bear with me. Tschuss.//d

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