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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Party Season

Holy schneikes, am I tired.

No post yesterday because yoga was just that relaxing. By the time I made it home, I was ready for bed, so off I went to a very welcome, very warm, very cozy bed. So cozy, in fact, I completely ignored my alarm this morning and skipped the swim before work. I made good after work, though, clicking off 1200 meters in time that was nearly four minutes faster than my time from Tuesday (or where I was at 1.2km on Tuesday; I did 1500m in that workout but lacked the time before the run this evening).

The run, thankfully, was a non-track workout type run: a quick 5k through Hollywood Park with a growing group of great people, all with the energy to pound out a few miles in cold darkness. So far, no other tri geeks in the group, but that might change when the weather does; some are still hibernating.

During the run, I got to talking with someone about the holiday season that is now upon us, like it or not. Along with that comes the obligatory holiday parties, social events I used to loathe, given my former co-worker's liking for liquor that was comp'd from the company. Those same rocket scientists had the curiosity to ask why there was seldom any money for raises or bonuses. But I digress.

I began tallying up just how many parties I'll be attending this season and was shocked. I have three this weekend (four, if you count my nephew's one year birthday party), one the following weekend (iffy on that one, given it's the same weekend as White Rock), and three the following week, including the open house I'm planning the afternoon of the 18th. Guess that last one means I'll actually need to do some cleaning around here.

So, the training schedule will be a bit laxed this weekend. Swim drills tomorrow before W---'s party, probably a 12 - 15 mile run run on Saturday, and a hard bike on Sunday as punishment for getting into the holiday spirit so soon. Eh, I'll have two weeks to do nothing but train in another two weeks, so if I can just stay somewhat on track before then, I should be able to pull through okay. Wish me luck.


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