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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jingle All the Way

Holy schneikes, what a day.

Two hours on the MTB at Mac, followed by weights & a swim at the gym, and run tonight with RTR. With the exception of the swim, the day totally rocked.

Yeah, my swim is in definite need of improvement, and I'm 99.9% positive it has to do with technique. Amazon says the TI DVDs will be here Friday, so maybe I can get some research done and start nailing what I'm doing wrong down before the new year. If not, a coach will be needed...stat.

Oh, the run!

Tonight was my first night out with RTR: Ralph & Tony's Running (Group). I first found out about them through H--- & L--- at a holiday party a few weeks ago. They got me added onto the email distribution list, which I glanced over the past few weeks, but when I saw the subject line of "Party"...well, how could I say no? (ignoring the fact I skipped out on RTR's official holiday party last Friday -- c'mon, I was beat!).

The run was well attended and covered a little over five miles, where we ran around in Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and jingling bells, looking at Christmas lights on houses in the hostesses neighborhood. Afterwards, it was a nice little social event in D---'s home. I made some new friends, as well as plans to run with them again before too long. Granted, they're an older crowd than most at RGR (and fewer single, attractive ladies), but they do seem more organized and a lot more fun...generally speaking. I guess I'll just play it by ear the next few weeks.

For now, though, I need sleep. The turkey from the party is starting to kick in and I've a long-ass ride slated for tomorrow: 85 miles on the TT bike at a modest effort. Hope I can keep from bonking this time.

Thanks for reading.//d

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