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Monday, December 05, 2005


D--- came out for a ride this past weekend; first time I'd seen or talked with him since September. His wife had apparently had some "medical issues," to put it mildly...really mildly.

The cancer that threatened her life five years ago decided to come back and come back with a vengeance. Within a few days of becoming aware of her condition, she was under the knife and on chemo to bring it under control. In spite of it being the second attack, and a major fuck-up by the doctor on her medication, it looks as though L--- just might make it...again. She was due for a scan this week or the next.

And so it got me to thinking about not only just how fortunate many of us are (that's a "duh" kind of thought any old day), but also how strong people affected by this mishaps are. When I first met L--- several months back, I knew of her delicate condition (a previous brain surgery had left her unable to drive, due to worsened vision) and what she has survived, but there she was, smiling and being cordial to some Lycra-clad stranger who would kidnap her husband for a few hours a few times every week. She is apparently well back on her way to being that same person.

Likewise, D--- was his ever-pleasant self, in spite of his own weakened condition (2-1/2 months off the bike will do that to a person), but still trucking along, smiling, and doing what he could to help push the pack along at a brisk pace...and into the wind, at that. It just helped reaffirm my belief in the ability and capacity of us all to do great things to help one another. Yeah, things can be tough from time-to-time, but even though Thanksgiving is now near two weeks past, there is still so much to be thankful for.

So we then enter the holiday season, a season of hope, with hopes of varying degrees for that which we hold nearest & dearest to our hearts. Whatever it is you hope for, I hope it comes to pass. Thanks for reading and keep on believing.//d

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