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Saturday, February 11, 2006


The Cure echoes through the halls of my home this evening, setting a seemingly appropriate, somber tone for this Saturday evening.

This was a trying week for me, the least of which being that my swim turned to shit again, due in large part to general fatigue and the fact that the water in the pool on Goliad was the most vile, disgusting, and just down-right nasty liquid to ever be found in a swimming pool. To a certain degree, I can still taste it in my mouth, and it's been four days since swimming there. It'll be many, many more days before I swim there again, meaning I'll need to adjust my T/R routine. Running & swimming will most likely be swapped, which might make track workouts a little more difficult, but, as those only happen every 4th or 5th run, I think I can survive.

Tonight's swim wasn't too grand, either, but I was severely bummed over something I'd read on Velonews prior to leaving for the gym: Tyler Hamilton's appeal to the CAS was denied; home boy will have to sit out another season.

It's unfortunate, to put it mildly, that such a stellar athlete and role model won't be able to professionally participate in the sport. The Tour would have been really interesting if he'd been there. It'll be interesting enough with the return of Millar, but, there's always next year. Just keep on believing, Tyler. I do.

A little over a week remains before the writing portion of TAKS, and I'm getting a little anxious. The second TAKS academy was held today, with a pretty high turnout. Granted, there were quite a few stragglers, but that's not what's important. They were there...and boy, did some of them need to be.

I'm still a a lot concerned over how things are going to go on the 21st, but C--- gave a pep talk to me today, reaffirming what others have said about the kids, their abilities, and that it really boils down to them. Regardless, I'm still somewhat worried about how it will reflect on me...especially with this whole "teacher of the year" crap they threw on me last week. It looks good on a resume, but if I'm not able to deliver whatever goods it is that are expected of me...providing any goods are even expected. Oh, hell, I don't know. I just want to go, teach, and try to make a difference in as many lives as I can.

It's cold outside. I'm beginning to feel that way inside, too, so I think I will shut this down so I can go and shut myself down for the night.

This blog was intended to be a training-type diary for me, but it's, instead, become something different. Given that there have been no posts or replies to any of my previous posts, though, it doesn't appear to be that big of a deal. Regardless, I'll get back on track eventually. Maybe after TAKS...maybe not until after Gulfman. But soon. Keep the faith, and thanks for reading.//d

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