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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

Yes, it's been alost a month since I've written anything, and my excuse is the same: I've been busy. And, as always, I remain optimistic that things will begin to slow down, but that remains as likely to happen as it ever did.

Rather than outline everything that's been going on -- which really isn't all too different than the s.o.s. -- I'll just say that the state writing test is over, so my job is a little less stressful, though perpetuates itself in being time consuming: Yearbook season is full on, it's research paper time, and I still have a 30+ minute commute each way. One lead has shown promise for a position closer to home, but I'll put out some additional lines during spring break. Should nothing pan out, I might have to move. Damn.

Gulfman is still up in the air. The organizer promised to have new routes, etc. posted online by the 28th (today), but he instead posted that new info will instead be posted Friday, 03/03. With roughly one month remaining until race day, it's not exactly comforting. My attitude remains constant, though: As long as I'm not eaten by a shark or hit by a car, I'll consider it a successful race. Besides, I'm ready...or at least feel like I am.

I've been scaling back a bit on the training, though not entirely by choice. Yes, my schedule is packed tighter than a can of sardines, and the weather has been less than ideal on the weekends, but my workout times are better than ever: 7'19" miles (on hills), 22+ mph bike (with wind), and 30 minutes & change for 1500 swim times. I was unable to get an 1800 meter time because I was ejected from the pool tonight by the eternally overweight, elderly "swim" crowd at the gym: Water aerobics.

The class itself, to say nothing of the participants, is a joke. A bunch of overweight, old ladies gather in a pool and splash around to some music and think they're getting in a quality workout. To make matters worse, they "have the right" to take down the lane dividers in order to hold their classes, which, I suppose is fine, but the situation could have been handled better -- and I didn't need to catch any flack from the participants for my ability to swim. Yeah, I complained to management and managed to get recognition that lap swimmers (me) get preference to the lanes when classes are not in session. Signs are supposed to be posted soon stating such, which will probably amount to a computer printout on a sheet of paper destined to be wettened and whithered away in less than a week's time. Typical.

Time to fly. With Lent about to begin, I hope to give up my habit of not posting here. Heck, I might even have something interesting to say. Until then, thanks for reading.//d

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