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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gulfman, oh man...

Holy schneikes, has it ever been a while since I've made an entry here. Sorry 'bout that; been busy with work & such.

Actually, yes, things have been really humming along at warp speed. Work is keeping me insanely busy (TAKS is less than two weeks away -- huzzah!), but I still find time to get some training in, although some of the workouts have become shorter than I would like. Still, when I find I need to push myself on the occasional long(er) workout, I'm able to do so with less anguish. In all, I feel I'm set for Gulfman on April 2nd. That is, if I wind up doing it.

No, I'm not wussing out of the event -- again, my training is way on track (200m swim time is down to 3:55; bike averages are in excess of 20mph [solo, against the wind]; run times are hovering around 7:20/mi), but some of the things I've been reading in the forums at Slowtwitch, as well as some disturbing news from USAT regarding sanctioning, have me wondering whether or not this is an event I am really that keen on doing. I mean, when USAT says they'll not sanction anything this particular promoter puts togeter...well, it just can't be pretty. I've asked for a refund and, if granted, will focus my efforts on the South Texas Tri at Canyon Lake on 03/25. It's a week before what Gulfman should have been, but it is an Olympic distance and on familiar territory. Providing it's not raining this time, I should be able to post some stellar results on the bike.

More...I would really like to write more, but my eyes will hardly stay open. Heaven knows how many typos I've made thus far, but I'm at a point where I don't care about anything but sleep right now. Thursday will hopefully be here soon, and with a track workout on-tap, I should be able to be back in front of Jan (the kitchen computer from where I compose my musings for all the world [okay, just for you] to see) at a decent hour and can maybe actually hack out some decent crap for you to read. Until then, thanks for reading, and good night.//d

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