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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not Half Bad

It's 11 o'clock on a school night, and I should be in bed. Obviously, I am not.

Since returning from an extended session at Borders this evening (reading, grading, and drinking my fill of green tea), I've been doing all I could to pretend the new week is not almost upon me. I did some shopping for Halloween costumes (ordered stuff, too! Buyer's remorse will hit me hard tomorrow morning, I'm sure), with only an undershirt remaining for procurement, and listening to all the Gwen Stefani music N--- picked up the other night at CD Exchange. Talented, sure, but she's just really not my thing. I'm left wondering, though, if G--- still has that late-90s crush on her he once had.

Dang. I just noticed I ordered the wrong #%! thing for my costume; the pants would be entirely too short. A just-dispatched email should take care of thing, but only if it gets there before the order can be placed. Sure hope karatedepot.com can remedy my mistake.

Big news for the weekend? N--- & I both ran the Helotes Half this past Saturday. N--- was shooting for a finish time of two hours, while I jokingly indicated my goal finish was October 13th. Somehow, I managed to get motoring at a good pace and finish in 1:39:39. Not too shabby for someone who A) hasn't been training; B) is still nursing an injury to the right glute. Yeah, that thing. It's STILL there. Fortunately, the longer runs seem to be doing it some good, as long as I keep my stride steady and remember to stretch properly before & after. Massage sessions with Rio Massage haven't been hurting much, either. :)

Given my still-somewhat-injured status and recent costume purchases, I will likely wait until mid-November to register for White Rock. At this rate, though, it looks like a go, kilt & all. The decision for the kilt, too, will be made in mid-November, with the Skirt-chase Run serving as the, well, dress rehearsal.

Right. My writing is getting a tad rich in the cheese department, so I'm going to cut out. After all, it is 11:25, and I'm supposed to be waking up in six hours for a six-mile run. I'll pop back in tomorrow or the next day to let you know how that goes...went...whatever.

Thanks for reading.

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