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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Talk about a bittersweet beginning to the day: I wake up with the thought that today is the day N--- returns from Las Vegas (been there since Sunday afternoon for a work convention), get dressed & stretched for my run, start a load of laundry, and then step outside to be greeted by wet streets and light rain. I get the feeling Mother Nature is somehow upset with me and is bent on foiling my runs with whatever she can throw at me.

Knowing that I don't like running in the rain (premature wear on shoes) and am hesitant to ride in the rain (for while I do enjoy riding in the rain, I don't enjoy the 90-minute post-ride bike cleanings to avoid damage to the drivetrain), she's been throwing a lot of rain at me this year. A lot. No clue as to what the area's rain fall for 2007 is to date, but I'm willing to wager it is well above average. And to think, I was lamenting how much dust & dryness there was in my backyard last night whilst mowing. Heh, at least I got (most) of the leaves mulched up before the wetness returned.

So, now what? I can't head to the gym, for I started a load of laundry before walking out the door, and I sure as heck am not going to run in place in my living room for an hour. As has been par for the course this year, I guess I'll do nothing; nothing resembling exercise, that is N--- tells me she is in need of an alarm clock, so perhaps I'll begin poking around at what's out there.

Alright, enough of the personal stuff. Time for me to head on over to RadioShack.com to begin my shopping. Sorry to have bored you this morning, but thanks for reading.

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