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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Running on Empty

"Wire, main office...tell them I said, 'Ow.' Got it!"

In the span of some 12 hours, I managed to log some 21+ miles: 8.4 miles after a 25-mile bike with D--- after work last night, and then a 12.something mile run this morning (part 1 of the previously mentioned dual workout planned for today). My glute was hurting something fierce for most of the run, but it was the last three or so miles that really did me in: I had no nutrition with me, save the Nuun-flavored water in my bottle. Well, at least I had that.

So, I limped in, making my final average 8:27/mi, something I was not happy about. I know I was moving at a much more brisk pace than that for the bulk of the run. However, between the heat and the humidity, I literally had nothing left but an empty tank. Still, I did manage to finish my run in time for work.

And now, here I am, counting my blessings that tomorrow is a rest day and that I do not have to race the Helotes Half on Saturday; it can be just a long, slow run with N--- and however many other people turn out. Despite tomorrow being a non-running day, though, I do still need to be up early for breakfast with "the boys." I'm starting to get a better grip on the whole blog thing, so, hopefully, I'll be reporting back in again and soon. Today was a busy day, with much to talk about. However, something far more important requires my attention: sleep. Be sure to get some for yourself. If anyone gives you any grief about, just tell them that you said it was okay.

Look for a recap of the Helotes Half sometime Sunday evening. Thanks for reading.

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