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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nerdy English Teacher

Below is the transcript of an email exchange from the newsletter editor of the bike club:
> Yep. Except I think I accidently put an apostrophe in Starbucks
> (Starbuck's) where there shouldn't be one.

Although, really, shouldn't there be? As the corporation spells it, it implies more than one Starbuck. Yet, as the name of an establishment, it should be possessive, either singular or plural, given the two Starbucks of relative fame: 1) First mate of the Pequod; 2) Pilot in the Battlestar Galactica series (of which, there are also two, although the character's purpose remains the same). So, is the company wrong? And, if so, why? Was inserting the apostrophe that much extra work that some intern or ad rep could not completely comprehend because s/he didn't pay attention in English class? Or was it a cost issue (one extra character * infinitive coffee cups = a load of money)?

Bah, whatever. I'll get the new schedule formatted and uploaded in the next few days. For now, it is bedtime, for swim practice will, again, come early.
Apostrophe or no, thanks for reading.


Scott McArthur said...

I think that you are missing the point. Let’s break it down:
Starbucks. Star and bucks.
“Star” is an obvious reference to the universe. The all encompassing universe. Everything. All.
“Bucks”. That is simple: Money.
Put it together and what do you get. “All of the money”.
The profiteering gluttons of Starbucks have done their best to capture our hearts, minds and taste buds for one simple purpose, which is to simply empty our wallets. That is why we will pay more than twice a normal amount for a cup of coffee and nearly $5 for a specialty drink.
While some of it may be “Fair Trade” you will not see a Starbucks in most of the countries that provide the beans because there is no money there. That would go against their plan of world domination.
It is no coincidence that Dr. Evil had an evil lair in the Seattle space needle with a Starbucks sign.
No, it is not a plural word, nor is it a possessive so it does not need an apostrophe. They just need your money. All of it.
Maybe that is why there are THREE Starbucks’ at the intersection of Blanco and 1604 (two across Blanco from each other inside the loop and one in the target outside) and not a single one in Kenya.

.: d said...

There is also this:


Alex B. said...

awesome english teacher. apostrophe or not, it's still awesome coffee.

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