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Friday, June 05, 2009


Yup, the school year's (finally) over. 

What has been said about the fifth year being the hardest is true: This was definitely one to test me on nearly every front. However, I survived -- and even renewed my contract for next year, which, I'm hoping, will not be much like the 2008-09 year at all. Rumor has it I'll have conference and athletic periods, N--- finishes grad school in December, which should help remove some of the stress on how (in)frequently we get to see one another, and having another swine flu outbreak (at least one that shuts down the entire district) seems unlikely. About the only thing that could cause difficulties are the new TEKS, but, like a good little school boy, I brought my binder home for the summer to start planning...once Ironman is over. With a little over two weeks until race day, I should be left with plenty of time for that sort of thing...unless I qualify.


With that said, I'm off to get a massage. My body has all but shut down from racing & training the past two weeks, so it's time to start rejuvenating. Taper starts tomorrow.

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