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Monday, June 08, 2009

Gearing Up, Gearing Down

Apparently, nothing can go as planned.

The plan was to clean the bike & pack up the transition bag after dropping N--- off at church for her mission trip to Galveston (after her first race of the season; she finished 2nd in her AG & 4th female, overall). A jury summons for N--- for Tuesday morning changed all of that, as there were no means of contacting the county courthouse over the weekend to request postponement, etc. , which means I made a quick trip out to Galveston Island today to drop N--- off. I tried checking in on peeps in the area I knew, but everyone was at work (or, not at home; L--- is a teacher, too, but even she didn't answer). Some four hundred miles later, I'm home.

Elsewhere, and after doing some reading on ST, I'd come to the conclusion that an 11-23 cassette might not be the best option for me for CdA. A quick call to Bicycle Heaven secured a 12-25 cassette for the Jet 90 (I didn't want to trust the season's "A" race to the aged cassette off the CAAD9), but, after installing it and finding the cassette rattled on the wheel, I freaked. Unnecessarily so, as it turns out I simply needed a 12-tooth lockring; silly Campagnolo equipment. While there, though, I ran into W---, C---'s girlfriend, also doing the course, as well as V---, a triathlete who has really taken off in to the multisport world, seeming to "live for the sport." V--- even quit his job with a local sports team to go work for Mellow Johnny's up in Austin. He seems to be enjoying it, including the perks: A new Trek TTX with Red componentry. Very, nice, but I'm still keen on my Slice; after all, it really does have my name written all over it.

Once back from the shop, lockring in hand, found the Slice now shined, primed, and ready to rock the bike course at Ironman Coeur d'Alene Sunday after next. Additionally, my bag is all packed (nutrition & all) and ready to be dropped off with the Slice tomorrow afternoon at Britton's for safe transport up to Idaho.

I've had quite the busy day; sitting in a car can be exhausting. Methinks I'll wind down with some reading and drift off to sleep. Enjoy your summer, and thanks for reading.

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