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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back in the Dog House

Seems like the only times I was really willing to make a post here is when it ices over an inch thick or when S--- & K--- go on a cruise and ask me to dog sit. As it was sunny & 65° today, you can probably guess which one it is.

I've just arrived for another round of dog & house sitting, but I'm finding myself in a rather non-jovial mood -- quite contrary to what I'm typically like when here, as the droolsome threesome are quite good at rousing the spirits. Heck, there was even a (stray?) pup waiting for me when I parked the car; pretty dog & extremely playful.

But, here I sit, perplexed at the range of emotions stewing within.

When I returned home from a casual run with a co-worker (too gorgeous of a day to just do nothing, and a light run was right up my alley), I was welcomed by a phone call letting me know my grandmother had been taken to the hospital because of a low blood count. I'm presuming red blood cell, but mum didn't clarify. To make matters worse, the one time Cingular's service decides to crap out on me was when talking with mum, so I missed much of what she was said and had to resort to using a land-line. How archaic.

In trying to cope with the hospitalization and the potential outcomes of such, I tried calling N--- but got voicemail. I attempted to leave a message but couldn't articulate much of anything, let alone what was going on. So, I showered, left, and grabbed a bite to eat (sushi, rather than the pizza initially craved, was such a good choice) on my way over to the dogs. Wait. That didn't quite come out right.


I called back and left another message, doing something I've not asked of anyone in...years: I asked N--- to say a prayer for my grandmother. N--- doesn't even know her (she just met my family a few days ago [all of whom were completely enamored by her -- they love her!]), but it just felt like something I should do. Besides, it was all I could get out, and even after I asked this of her, I again lost my ability to speak. Good thing N--- knows me well enough to know I know how to speak.

Which leaves me in a ponderous state about many things. N---, of course, is one of them (In reflecting on the time [and events of that time {everything, indeed, happens for a reason}] that has passed since meeting her, I'm really feeling...peaceful about things; I like how things are progressing, as well as the rate at which they are.), as is the subject of (organized) religion, my stance on said subject, will I have to move and when...too many things to think about, so I don't think I'm going to.

The upcoming weekend will be a busy one, but one that I hope to be productive. Of course, the direction I have planned could very easily be changed by what happens with my grandmother, but I will hold course & have faith as best I can that everything will be all right.

This was a weird one, I know, so for tonight, more than any time in recent memory, thanks for reading.//d

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