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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Veggin' Out

I have successfully navigated another Saturday without accomplishing squat, as related to work -- unless you count actually thinking about work enough to load up the laptop in Buckbeak for transport over to S--- & K----'s. Eh, I wouldn't either. What I will do, though, is whip out the lesson plans for E2 & E3, once I finish this blog post. So, let's get crackin'.

I'm a lot concerned about my health. No, I'm not dying, although I did feel like it during my run this morning. A little over three miles into what was supposed to be a 15+ mile outing, I began to feel light-headed...almost as though I were about to pass out or fall asleep. I stopped, tried to collect my thoughts and decided to head back at a light trot; not even a mile later, I bonked again. Staggering back to the main road, I resumed a jog (I was not going to let some heavy-set woman in lime-green Spandex run up the hill whilst I walked) and managed to get it back up to a decently-paced run within the next half-mile and finish just under an 8-minute pace. As far as runs go, the pace & distance were decent, but I clocked in ten miles short of what I had set out to do. Still, it gave me some time to contemplate the future.

The district swim meet was yesterday evening at PAC, and both teams did well. The girls' team from Steele took first (woohoo!) and Coach went in the water. In a way, I'm glad I didn't, yet it did hurt a bit to not be included in the frivolity...as though I have no place there. And to be honest, I'm not sure if I do.

Personal free time and training have taken a heavy hit since beginning the program last September, but, since I wasn't really racing, it didn't matter so much. Besides, I had an awesome finish in the SA marathon. However, with swim competitions so frequently, plus Saturday practices, and the less-than-ideal nutritional situation surrounding swim meets, the effects are more than evident -- which disheartens me, as I would really like to see the program (and other "non-traditional sports", as a football coach called it) succeed. One of my juniors, who was at the meet to cheer on his girlfriend, even asked me if I would consider coaching cross country and/or the mile in track next year. I told M--- I'd considered it but would have to see what pans out.

The remainder of my day was spent getting out-bid on a pair of speakers (again) for the rear DTS outputs on my receiver and getting Buckbeak looking sharp; now that it's clean again, it is certain to rain. I am now back over with the pups, roasting some vegetables in the oven for dinner; fish & brown rice are in the steamer. N--- is on her way over but is currently stuck in traffic, meaning I have a bit of time to get started on the next week's lesson plans. Of course, there is a Wii in the living room, and a round of tennis could be nice...

Tune in next time to find out what I did...providing I don't wait six months to post again and forget what I said last time. Whatever happens, thanks for reading.//d

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