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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Dash Likes

Hola, Amigos.

Yeah, it's been a while since I've rapped at ya, but two 007 got off to an interesting start.

I broke down and signed on with Dish Network through AT&T last December, and it's turned out to be a huge [expletive] mistake. Not only was there seldom anything decent on the however-many-hundred channels I received, but DN also tried to sneak in a few charges everyone who "helped" me through the setup process neglected to mention. I was not pleased and let the eight or so collective reps from AT&T & DN know as much. Guess that means I'll be mooching off Heaven for the grand tours again this year.

But life is not a pile of poo.

After several injuries that sidelined me the past few weeks, I managed an incredible 9-mile run tonight in just over an hour. Yes, the legs are a little sore, but it's nothing a bit of (or a bit more) stretching won't cure. At least I hope.

To cure my stank, though, I'm going to need a shower, so that's-a where I'm-a gonna dash off to. More updates will come, as I'm house-and-dog-sitting for S--- & K--- again this weekend; they're going on another flippin' cruise, if you can believe it -- but more on that later.

Thanks for reading.//d

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