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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All the HITS.

What a day. I'd hoped/planned to be in bed around 9-ish this evening, but that didn't pan out too well (obviously, given the hour of this posting) due to a death in the family.

Mum called to let me know A--- had been discovered dead by some guy she had been living with. Aunt D--- is still in shock, and I guess I am, too. I've not talked with or seen A--- in nearly ten years, but I feel that hers was a lost life, finally lost. Sad. We read about people like this with great frequency but seldom connect that these people were real, with a real family, with dreams that were forever deferred.

I went & stayed with Mum for the evening, as Dad was at a church meeting and was unaware of the sadness that had encircled his house. The time was spent comforting Mum, trying to comfort N--- (on the phone; she'd had a rough day at the office), and finally getting around to grading those extra-credit papers I assigned nearly a month ago (eh, grades aren't due until Monday; I have time). Once home, it was time to ready the lessons for tomorrow and then request a return for a cell phone I stupidly bought in the wee hours of Tuesday, during a marathon grading session. Never, ever shop online for something you only think you might need when really, really tired. Phone turned out to be a piece (slick design, but entirely too kiddy & toy-like for my needs; not sure how D--- has managed with his, but he is with a different provider in a different city), so back it goes, providing the company permits it. Their stated online return policy is not in agreement with what's printed on the back of the invoice, nor does it jive with the online RMA request form. Hope I don't get screwed for more than the $30 I paid for overnight shipping. God, I am a putz. Actually, I'm more than that: I am a tired putz.

Now that that's straight, I'm going to drag myself off to bed. I still need to get my bag together for TIR and figure out what I'm going to eat this weekend whilst on the road. All the HITS, indeed. And, yes, "HITS" is an anagram; enjoy.

I'm off to bed. With the road trip to the game in A-town tomorrow, my next post won't be until Monday, at the earliest. Hope this tides you over real nice-like. Thanks for reading.

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