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Thursday, February 28, 2008

TIR is Here

After several months and virtually no training, my first 'race' of the season is here. Fortunately, it's being run more for the fun than for time, but the Texas Independence Relay will be challenging. My bags are packed, and I need only pick up my groceries. Hope there's enough room in the SUV S--- has secured for our use.

The girls' basketball team played in the state semifinals tonight up in A-town. I played chaperon, but it went remarkably well. We were back at the school and all the kids were picked up & gone by a few minutes past ten. Far better than any of the swim meets last season.

I feel inclined to write more, but my eyes are heavy and my mind is wasted; today was a long day. The next several days promise to be every bit as long, only with several 6+ mile legs thrown in to wear me down physically, as well. I can't wait.

Wait I must, though, before writing more. Remember the Alamo and remember to check back for another update next week. Thanks for reading.

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