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Monday, February 25, 2008

Case of the Mondays

Hackneyed, and possibly even used on my site before, but I don't care; I needed a subject and it fit, for today was so much a Monday.

It began with the Monday morning traffic jam at the copier that likes to do just that. Fortunately, it cooperated today, and I got my copies run in (more or less) enough time. Skip a few mintues into first period and an interruption by the techies to berate me and my telephone configuration (typical: never a problem when the problem solvers are around), and you start to get an idea of how my day was going. Actually, it wasn't too shabby after that, other than my diet going to heck because of the amount of stress I perceive myself to be under. But then I got thirsty after lunch.

Only once have I been more disgusted by how water tastes, but that was at least in a public swimming pool. This stuff, from the drinking fountain, tasted like paint, minus the consistency. A few email exchanges with faculty confirmed something was amiss in the aqua, and, with the vending machines out of bottled water, I found myself out of luck for a drink -- the entire afternoon. Ugg.

About the only bit of good news that came about from today was my refund from the bout I had with identity theft a few weeks back. That, I hope, is now completely behind me, and I am back on track with being in the relative money. At least, I'm feeling pretty good about my finances at the moment. Let's hope lightning doesn't strike anytime in the next few dozen years.

I'm still sorely out of shape, despite my hammeresque performance this past Saturday on the SAW ride -- and with a blown bearing on my front wheel, thank you very much. Of course, there will be no cycling options this weekend, as TIR (Texas Independence Relay) starts in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I've my leg assignments and times, and it looks like I'll have a good 7+ hours in between running duties, making for a not-so-rest-deprived weekend as initially planned. Check back in a week or so for an update on how that panned out.

Um...not much else to report. Web site's coming along with updates, and I've my name in a couple more hats for sponsorship. After TIR, methinks I'll be hitting up SportKilt, et al for funding options, both for racing this year and my consideration of a run at Ironman. Arizona in the spring is out, given the mad preparation required for TAKS -- I'm off right now to grade the final batch of essays, as a matter of fact. Wonderful way to end such a relative waste of a day.

With that said, I'll quit wasting your time and go off to read my kiddos' writing. Thanks for reading mine.

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