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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Week Later

A week ago, I rolled my ankle during a track workout. The cause is still a mystery, but I'm really leaning towards the "seized muscle" theory.

Now, one week later, my cankle has more or less subsided, and the left ankle has some definition to it. No doubt, there is still some serious swelling ("There's still a lot of fluid in there," Nicholle observed this evening), but a near-full range of motion and near-painless walking is now possible. Additionally, I'm able to row and spin without incident. Curiously enough, spinning seemed to really aid in loosening things up, which strengthens the notion I had toward the cause of the roll being a seized ankle. The short of it is that it looks like I'm recovering nicely. Whether or not I can actually run -- at distance, at pace -- is a matter I'll not explore for several more days...maybe even a full week or more.

Elsewhere in the nation, in the world, people are really hurting, really dealing with pain and worse. Yeah, the pain in my ankle is a lot more immediate, but it certainly pales in comparison to what so many others are going through. I do thank you for reading, but I'll also thank you for thinking about those who hurt and who may be in need of something you may be uniquely qualified to give, even (or especially) if it's something as trivial and/or intangible as time.

More to come, but another time. For now, again, thanks for reading.

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