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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ten Days Since

It's been roughly ten days since the now-infamous and every bit as painful rolling of the left ankle during a track workout, and, while the swelling has almost completely subsided, the pain persists. Activity on it this week has been moderate to high, with rowing, cycling, and even a couple of runs in to get the blood flowing down yonder. And, with the exception of this morning's run, everything had been favorable.

Wednesday, I opted for a treadmill run, just to see how things would go. In all, running on the injured ankle went well: I could manage up to a 7:30/mile without discomfort, although kicking the incline up beyond 2.5 did produce some noticeably uncomfortable pressure. This outing clocked in at three miles, done in one mile intervals, with ~30 seconds rest in between each mile. A 45-mile ride Thursday morning loosened me up even more, and a 90-minute massage yesterday should have sealed the deal for a solid run this morning.

On tap was just a Parkway run with Josh, who was home on leave from an overseas deployment. We headed out around 0600, with Kai in the Bob, but, after just under two miles, I had to turn around, eventually even having to walk it back in. What was different was that the pain had migrated from outside of the ankle to the inside, just above the arch.

After another stretch session, the rest of the day was spent resting, more or less, although an epsom salt soak would probably be a good idea. At this hour, though, it's not likely to happen; I'm tired.

Sunday is a planned ~2-hour outing on the bike, at a moderate-to-quickish pace; we'll see how well that goes based on the weekly trip to the grocer, as well as how well I can sleep tonight. Then, if the swelling is still substantial on par with the pain, I'll call up Doc Jacobs to try for an appointment. Time, however, is fast running out, as we report back, officially, on the 16th. Here's hoping I can get in on Wednesday.

Regardless, as the pain remains present, I will refrain from running, opting, instead, to row and cycle/spin...maybe even lift. By mid-August, I need to be able to go out and hammer out 8-10 miles at a good pace in order to be on track for pacing San Antonio in November. From there, I will evaluate what to do about Austin. The long, two-a-days are not likely to happen, due to swim season kicking up in September, but an alternate approach to training should be able to remedy that.

Wow, this was quite the post for what was supposed to be tried to run today; hurt. More to come regarding NBC's epic failure at Internet streaming and other musings on my mind. Until then, enjoy the spectacle that is the modern Olympic games. Thanks for reading.

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