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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Past Month

Hola, amigos.

Yeah, it's been a whole month since I've rapped at ya, and what a month has it been. Here are the highlights:
  • Training is trucking right along, thanks, in small part, to the Polar s725x, even if the wristband on it sucks.
  • Picked up sponsorship from Nuun in the form of a 40% discount on the tabs. Seeing how I go through a boat-load of these in a month, the savings will be worth it.
  • Been to SeaWorld; still no hammerheads.
  • Scored a sweet summer job: 3-week contractor, serving as an assessor for a national educator certification company.
  • Received my PDAS and am (again) a "proficient" educator
  • Logged 39 miles in just under 12 hours at Relay for Life this past weekend.
  • Signed up for Buffalo Springs at the end of June.
Things weren't so bad during the actual running of RfL, but I'm still having pain in my right leg. It could be that whole knot thing L--- mentioned during spring break, but, after working a tennis ball on my foot last night, I'm beginning to wonder if it could be a problem with my foot...my shoes, in particular. I've been training on Mizuno Wave Riders for the past four years without incident (holy crap, has it really been four years?!), recent events aside. So, I'm wondering if I do need something with higher arch support, ala Nike or Brooks -- both brands from which I have shied, given their higher arches. Heck, I dunno. Maybe I'll head up to Academy to check out their wares. Gets me closer to Chipotle, and they're having free burrito day for teachers. :D

Wow, I didn't realize just how late it's getting. I've still some papers to grade and want to do that before bedtime. Despite my previous comment, summer is fast-approaching, so I should be able to be a tad more diligent about posting (yeah, how many times have you read that sort of comment, here?). I'll certainly try to post some more about RfL, as that was, indeed, an awesome event. Until then, thanks for reading.

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