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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whoah, That Rocked

This has been a busy week. Time gives the impression of creeping by, but the last few weeks of school are typically that way. All the same, my platter is full with cramming in the last bit of the scope & sequence to my courses and readying the kiddos for finals. Add to that tri training and there's not time for much else. Makes one wonder how I found time to get engaged.

You read that right: I am engaged.

On a sunset walk along a "beach" (quote marks used as it was along an inlet of Corpus Christi Bay, so not a beach, in the traditional sense), and on bended knee, I asked N--- to marry me, and she said yes. The wedding will not take place for some time, as common thought is for her to finish grad school. For the most part, don't hold your breath for an invite; we're hoping for a ridiculously small ceremony: Family and a few close friends, only. Keep your eyes peeled for a picture, though.

Elsewhere, I'm getting my position on the Felt tweaked. New aerobar position called for it, in a worse way than I possibly imagined. After installing the new saddle I scored for a song at Bike Heaven the other night, M--- did some adjusting to the saddle height and forwardness of it, raising me a little over 2cm and slamming me forward. He's even talking about a tad more height and maybe even a shorter stem by a centimeter or two. Those first few adjustments, though, made a world of difference: A little over half-a-mile per hour faster over last night's outing -- and with no pain in my IT band. I hope I can keep training going strong until the end of June, for I cannot wait for retribution at BSLT.

In addition to needing a shower, the cat is screaming for me, so I suppose I'll button this up. Thanks for reading.

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