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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Update

Quick post to check in on my rabid fans to let them all know that I am alive and well and doing fine.

We're counting down to three weeks of school until the summer training season begins, although I have been in "race mode" for the past few weeks, already; watching my fuel intake more closely, sticking to a regular workout routine, and tweaking my gear. Thus far, I've swapped out my training shoes (Mizunos just aren't cutting it -- and haven't been the past, several months) and have begun questioning my purchase of a Polar S725X back in mid-March. The latter, essentially, was an impulse purchase, and, while I do enjoy the HR data and easy uploads of workouts, it's not exactly living up to my expectations. The reason I ditched the S625X (same thing, different face, included foot pod, as opposed to the bike mount [better deal IMO, but, again, it was an impulse item]) was to simplify my workouts, which, again, have grown more complex, as I now wind up resembling Locutus of Borg on my workouts. On top of that, my bike mileages don't add up to what they once did and average speed is much lower than what it once was; the thing's turning out to be a piece. Hello, eBay!? :-D

Sorry, this post wasn't intended to become a rant against Polar. In all, I am in a wonderful mood, given the weekend. N--- & I traveled to Corpus for the 33rd Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. This year, we were on the same team, which made the handing off of the baton that much easier, as N--- was much easier to spot than was M---. True, I had to run the beach leg (ugg, did that suck), which yielded me a 7:33/mi average (providing distances & such of this one dude's ForeRunner 305 were accurate) , but, I'm not in near the shape i was last year, either. Notes to self: 1) No more slacking on training, ever; 2) Stay out of the library, except for grabbing books and other media. More on B2B and other training shenanigans to come!

Wow, almost six. Time to ready myself for SNL and the week ahead. Minor laundry to be done, plus ironing of the shirts. Oh, the exciting life I lead. Still, thanks for reading.

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