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Monday, May 26, 2008

Quality Time

Three days, and that was barely enough for this Memorial Day weekend. Granted, it was one day more than your garden variety weekend, but I'd also been spoiled by having school wrapped up and put to bed by this point; I've still another two weeks before I can sing my lullabies for this year. Poor, poor me.

And just [what] was the weekend? A whole lot of quality time with N--- , including a brick out at Boerne Lake again (I ever be able to swim out there without gale-force winds one way or the other?), followed by a few days of house & dog sitting for some friends of hers. The bad part was they live way out from city limits, which I typically would not consider bad, but for the price of gas...and the fact they'd been killing rattlesnakes by the gross the past few months.; fortunately, the weekend was snake-free. The good part about house-sitting is they had satellite, which meant TV. More to the point: TV at a time when N--- & I could just veg out in front of it. So, we did.

Saturday was, by far, the best day. Silver Stars played Seattle and whupped up on 'em summin' fierce. On the ice, it was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, where Detroit shut out Pittsburgh 4-0. Incredible hockey. Rewinding to the WNBA game, Nike was advertising their new Sparq line, which featured a pretty nifty soundtrack, as is typical of Nike. The soundtrack was so nifty, in fact, that I decided to download the whole album from its artist, Saul Williams. It should be finished by the time I complete this post.

Sunday meant more TV (movies, mostly), preceded by a 90-minute long run out on deserted FM roads -- that's the really good part about house-sitting in the middle of nowhere. Two sour notes on my run: 1) Got severely dehydrated and had to walk the last half mile back in; 2) My Shuffle died on me. Bummer of the deal is that Apple is closed today for the holiday, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what to do about this. Geez, can you imagine?

More warm fuzzies from the weekend to outweigh the bad: Chatted with D--- on the tele and by text, too. He & K--- are doing well; N--- & I hope to meet up with them for dinner or breakfast on our way to Lubbock at the end of June. N--- & I also started making tentative wedding plans, but much depends on the dates for UTSA's commencement ceremonies, as well as those for the LV marathon. I'll not say any more until m'lady & I have had a chance to chat and scheme some more.

For the final bit of quality time, I need to leave my computer. I've a kitty curled up in my lap who apparently missed me this past weekend. We're going to go do some serious cuddling in preparation for my penultimate week of school while listening to the new Saul Williams CD. I'll give the cat a scratch under the chin for you, if you like. Regardless, thanks for reading.

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