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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Invisible Hill

Spring Break is finally here. Nine whole days without the pressures of school. The kids get to go to the coast (or wherever it is they actually do go) while the teachers get to...grade. This one gets to ride his bike, too.

The break started out nice enough. Friday night: Softball game, ride home (including seeing B--- -- haven't seen him in a coon's age!), quick trip to San Marcos to pick up a new DVD player. Saturday: 50-mile ride with SAW in the morning, followed by a lovely afternoon with N--- (she's feeling better now [thank you for your concern]), including a hike around Friederich Wildernessl Area. I am so looking forward to this trail running thing. Sunday: Rest & recovery day, including a workout at the gym, where my right leg reminded me it's still FUBAR'd and needs some attention. That'll come tomorrow & Wednesday.

Today found me out on my bike again, this time for a 68-mile round-trip jaunt out to the lake and back. The 'back' part was a real bear, too, as the wind was howling at gale-force velocity the entire trip. Going out wasn't so bad, as it was mostly to the rear (never a direct tailwind), but once I turned on to River Road in Sattler, the ride exploded in toughness. Yes, there was the aforementioned wind, but River Road is apparently undergoing some repairs and is extremely rough over about a two-mile stretch. Thank heavens I was on an aluminum bike to allow me to feel every bump, jump, and jaw-rattling piece of the road. True, I complain today, but I know I'll be grateful I did the ride a few months from now, when the rest of the roadies are only then riding into shape with their assorted challenges. Glad I can get (most of) mine out of the way now.

And, speaking of challenges, my right leg. It completely cramped up on me yesterday in the pool, making me thankful that I've a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning, followed by an appointment with a PT on Wednesday (she called during my ride this morning -- thanks, L---!). Between the two of them, I'm hoping this thing can get taken care of, pronto. I'm tired of not firing at anything resembling 80%, let alone anything higher.

Which now leads me to question if I should completely dis racing this season, as planned. Yes, it's expensive as all get-out, but there is one I'd kind of like to do: Longhorn IM 70.3. I'd also like to do Buffalo Springs again, but I know that's just out of the budget, what with race fees, travel, and lodging. The former, however, is not until October, so I've some time to mull it over. Incidentally, I didn't race the Blue Norther'. R--- did and had a decent showing, too, finishing 29th OA & 4th in AG. Good show.

Now that I have overcome that is the unending, invisible hill that is the howling wind, I need to overcome the second one: the general lack of will to work on my school stuff. The snoozing cat in my lap is of little use in the department, so methinks I'll put some tea on for a start...see where it goes from there.

Enjoy your week, be it at work or on break. Thanks for reading.

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