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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To Race or Not to Race?

I told myself I would not race in 2008. I broke that vow today by signing up for the Longhorn 70.3 that takes place in October. Right now, instead of cleaning my wreck of a house, I am debating whether or not to register for an Olympic-distance race that will be held up at TSR in early April. Yeah, as in a few weeks. Yup, it's primed for one of those "Gee, imagine if I would've trained" reminisces that seem so popular on this site.

Rather than act irrationally, for the Longhorn did rely upon much thought and was possible only because of some significant savings on a major purchase (shh...it's a secret!), I will wait on deciding upon the Spenco Olympic. Same goes for BSLT 70.3 (N--- wants to go view the course, for it is her goal to race it after finishing graduate school), and any other race for that matter. It would likely work to my advantage to wait, as I emailed off to SportKilt tonight touting the glories of the Hiking Kilt and a casual request for sponsorship. In any event, I'm going to need to pick up my training in order to have even a good showing on the Parkway. Fortunately, I'm feeling frisky after this morning's session with Y Knot; L--- rocks as a PT.

The clock on the computer reads 10:19 PM, which means it's likely closer to 10:30. I really need to go get my butt in gear on house cleaning. N--- is coming over tomorrow, and it'd be a shame to have her truck cleaner than my house.

Stay tuned to find out how the racing goes (or doesn't). As always, thanks for reading.


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