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Friday, March 28, 2008

Is This Thing On?

After a week and a day, I am led to believe that the computer geniuses at AccuWeb have fixed my Blog problem, again. I say "again" because this wasn't the first time I encountered publishing errors, and, from the sound of it, I am not alone. A cursory perusal of the 'groups' section at Google gives one the impression there are some serious coding errors in Google's blogging software and its abilities to work with all servers. They don't seem too keen on fixing them, nor do they seem too willing to communicate directly with their end-users to. With practices like these, Google could very well be the next Microsoft.

Slam against the software giants complete, I am off to shower and then head to work. I've been a lot under the weather the past few days, and tomorrow's stint at the county Democratic convention may be just well-enough timed to give me some of the rest I require but am so hesitant to take. Oh, and I'm racing next Sunday, too. Check back the afternoon of the sixth to find out just how hysterical (or tragic) that will be. Thanks for reading.

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