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Monday, June 02, 2008

Counting Down

To-day is Monday. To-day was a good day. To-morrow begins final exams. School will be over on Friday.

All things considered, I should be happier than a pig in its own feces. However, I'm somewhat reserved when it comes to my classroom setup, as the composite video cable I ran a couple of weeks ago turned out to be no good; at least, I could get no signal through it. My initial response was to simply replace it with an S-video cable, as I had a 25' cable with me at school, but that cable turned out to be a few inches too short, literally.

A quick trip to Altex has remedied lack of a cable, but it now means I need to arrive to school extra <expletive> early tomorrow in order to run the bloody thing. Plus, tomorrow is "salad day," which means I'll need to pack in some green (eggs just finished boiling, too) in addition to the cable running gear (fish tape, in particular). With the extra boxes of hanging file folders (I am finally getting my file cabinets organized...two years later), it doesn't look like I'll be commuting tomorrow. And that, I suppose, it was I am most upset about.

No commuting today, as my bike was still in my classroom from Friday. Lots o'crap to haul tomorrow, so that's a no-go. Wednesday & Thursday...maybe. Much will depend on how much stuff I can get taken home with me tomorrow. This is the part of the end of school I really dislike.
Eggs are done, which means I need to wrap things up here and in the kitchen before crawling into bed. Tomorrow's swim workout will come even earlier than desired due to the aforementioned cable running gig. Sheesh, the things I do to make my classroom more fun.

More in the next few days on training, next year's schedule, and so on. Goodnight, faithful reader. Thanks for reading.

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