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Sunday, June 01, 2008

That's HOT

Holy mackerel. The past few days have kept me moving along at an insane pace.

  • Morning run at 7:08 pace
  • "Work"
  • New shoes at Trisition Area
  • Exchanged iPod Shuffle at Apple (they lost my appointment, so it took a tad longer than planned, but I now have a new Shuffle, also in red)
  • Pop in to see N--- & her sister, dropping off CDs, sunglasses, and other stuff that N--- would need for her Friday training
  • Paper grading at Borders
  • Breakfast with J--- & J---
  • "Work" (started packing up classroom [sniff.])
  • Went with J--- to pick up a moving truck
  • Laundry (Fridays rock!)
  • Dinner & movie (Minority Report)
  • Doggie Dash 5k (5th OA/1st AG)
  • Ride with D--- (should have been 50-ish miles, but my fit on the bike wasn't feeling right; we capped at ~20)
  • Refitting on the Cdale (saddle position was ~3cm too low!) & tuneup of N--'s Cdale at Bike Heaven
  • Returning of Zoot Ultra Tempos to Tristion Area (sniff; I loved the way the foot strike felt but was unable to tolerate the blistering)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Washing of Buckbeak
  • 70th birthday party/dinner with the folks
  • Met N--- at home for a relaxing evening
And today was the first in the Heart of Texas (HOT) triathlon series. N--- signed up to do them all and started off fantastically well today: 1st AG / 1st OA (female). My fiancé rocks.

Back at home, N--- is getting cleaned up from her win, the kitty is cozied up in my lap as I type this, and we've a pool party this afternoon at W--- & S---'s. Summer is off to an awesome start, even if it doesn't officially start (for me) until next Saturday. Whenever it arrives, here's to a smoother, less-wet summer than last. Thanks for reading.

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