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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Well-earned Rest Day

It's Monday, and I don't have a meeting today. How nice.

What would have made it nicer is being able to sleep a tad later without the cat dancing on my tummy to let me know it was past her designated (by whom?) feeding time. All the same, I've much to do today.

The house is still pretty clean, but I've a pile of laundry to fold before heading to the gym to do paddle drills. BSLT is now less than a week away, and I want to make sure all parts of me are ready.

Swim: Eh...check, I think. I feel semi-fluid in the water, despite my poor form during the swim analysis at Trisition Area last week. Swedish style goggles have made a comeback, now that I think I've the adjustment thing down properly.

Bike: Check. Logged 234 miles since last Tuesday, including three consecutive days of hard riding. Hopefully, there will be no mechanicals on Sunday. Heaven has the B2, getting it prepped; it'll be ready Wednesday.

Run: Check. Been doing long runs, including bricks, the past two weeks.

So, now it's taper time. Again, paddle drills this evening, brick tomorrow, swim on Wednesday, track (gonna try to sneak into Dobie [Shhh!]) and massage on Thursday, and a swim Friday morning before N--- & I hit the happy trail to Lubbock via Dallas.

Here's to a good race. Light a candle for me, or whatever. And, thanks for reading.

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