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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy 8(08)s

My second race of the season in which I proclaimed I would not race is the day after tomorrow. Granted, it's a sprint, but I want to use it as a preview for BSLT, with regards to gear, transition setup, and whatnot. About the only thing that will be different (apart from the obvious differences in distance and elevation) is that Saturday's swim is not wet suit legal. Doesn't much matter; BSLT has strippers. No, not that kind, you perv.

The day was ultra-busy, especially in comparison to yesterday when I accomplished precisely Jack and <expletive>. Too much food the night before and too much allure of Lego Star Wars (I cleared it and am now in free-play mode, where I get to be whatever characters I want; General Grevious is fun) for me to feel like doing anything, training-wise. But, again, I more than made up for it today.

After this morning's light run with N---, I rode to the gym, did a 2000m kick drill workout, rode home, played some Lego Star Wars, walked to Clemens to tend to insurance re-enrollment, walked home, more Lego Star Wars, cleaned the kitchen, rode to the post office to inquire about how I would receive my mail with all of the construction in front of my house, more Lego Star Wars, then went to Trisition-Area & Bike Heaven with N--- to pick up my packet for Saturday's race and race wheels, from the respective shops. M--- is planning on using the usual 404 setup in a crit on Sunday, and I wasn't 100% positive I could get them back to him, post-race, so I declined using them. Never one to disappoint, M--- pulled a rabbit out of the hat in the form of a pair of Zipp 808s: REALLY DEEP dish wheels. Other than the flat tubulars on them, they are yummy.

Once home, I aired up the tires and installed the new cleats that came in the mail (must have come by after N--- & I left for the shops) in order to take the B2 for a ride around the block. I don't think I'd ever made it around the block quite that fast. Granted, I could have just felt fast due to the 808s, but I'll test that notion with a tad more extended test ride. The only down side I've noticed thus far is difficulty in controlling the bike in the cross winds. Based on how things go tomorrow, I may just opt for the Sciroccos. I just don't feel like wasting all of my energy on the bike trying to keep the rubber side down.

Phew, what a post. I'm sure more (interesting stuff) happened today...I'm just at a loss for what it was. I need to badger off in order to get a couple more pages of the SAW site taken care of; I'd really like to have that thing finished by this time next week. Feel free to take a gander and let me know what you think. Whether you do or not, thanks for reading.

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